Bay Reward Consulting  

Reward Consulting services for New Zealand organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors

Bay Reward Consulting is a specialist human resource consultancy, focusing on:

  1. Recognition: recognising and rewarding desired performance through recognition schemes, performance-related salary increases, annual incentive schemes and longer-term incentive schemes;
  2. Remuneration: the financial elements of reward, including salary and employee benefits;
  3. Reward: the intangible elements that engage and motivate employees (e.g. organisational culture, working environment, work-life balance, and roles that contribute to the organisation and to society as a whole).

We work with small and large organisations to develop, implement and maintain remuneration and reward systems and processes that help ensure your employees are paid fairly and competitively. Areas of consulting experience include:

  • Reward Strategy
  • Reward Policy Development and Implementation
  • Reward Audit
  • Job Evaluation
  • Market Remuneration Analysis
  • Incentive Scheme Design
  • Executive Remuneration
  • Total Reward

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